Taste from buffet

The most beautiful all inclusive restaurant in Budapest!
All you can eat and drink for a fixed price!


Starters Starters

  • Goose liver paté
  • Salmon paté
  • Turkey galantine
  • Sushi
  • Chops filled with sausage
  • Hungarian plate
  • Tartar steak
  • 8 kinds of mixed and fresh salad


Soups Soups

  • Cold fruit soup
  • Goulash soup
  • Home made broth
  • Creamy mushroom soup
  • Creamy vegetables soup

Main dishes

Main dishes Main dishes

  • Venison ragout with forest-mushrooms
  • Venison steak a’la Burgundy
  • Pancake a’la Hortobagy style
  • Fried duck drums with steamed cabbage
  • Catfish paprika with noodles and cottage cheese
  • Chicken drum fillet in breadcrumbs


Garnish Garnish

  • Potato doughnut
  • Jasmin rice
  • French pleated potato
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Creamed spinach
  • Potato with parsley

Grill Bar

Grill Bar Grill Bar

  • you can choose from 12 sorts of pickled meat and fish
  • 6-8 kinds of pickles


Dessert Dessert

  • Sweet gnocchi a’la Somlo style
  • Sweet gnocchi with custard and grated walnut
  • Fruit rice
  • Schwarzwalder
  • Sweet gnocchi with poppy seed
  • Yoghurt cake
  • French cream bun filled with apples
  • Florentine cake (cottage cheese)
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Fruits and cheeses


The right of alteration is reserved for the restaurant.